Alex’s biggest competition was often himself, and Strava is an online tool that helped him chart his progress on his runs and bike rides. It also enables him to connect with other people in the running and cycling communities. We encourage you to join in and log your own adventures!

Alex’s Strava

From Alex’s Blog:

To mark improvement and growth, like Ranger Payne says, “You’re either getting faster or you’re getting slower”.  I find PR’s motivating, grounding, and good to keep the mojo moving and challenging.  As of November 2013 all of these were timed old skool with a Timex watch, though this will slowly change since I bought a GPS watch, and should be able to post links through Strava to segments and routes.  Some of these segments may seem trivial, but as is true with most runners, they are all near and dear to my heart, lungs and legs.  I threw some world-class records in there to keep it real.

Climbs / Peaks / Segments PR’s
Mt. McLoughlin: start at Climber’s Register: 1:07:50 up / 48:40 down (9/7)

(35:00 ish at gully, 46:00 ish at camp flat, 59:00 at slabs)

*known FKT for the ascent only is Josh Nelson 1:05:03

Pete’s Punisher – total climb: 17:30  (11/3) Strava Link

Pete’s Punisher back-to-back: 17:55 / 19:15 / total = 37:10 (10/4)

Catwalk: from sign post at intersection with Toothpick to four corners park lot: 15:16 (9/18)

3 miles on track: 16:28 (9/19) 5:32 / 5:28 / 5:28

*known FKT for the 5k was run by Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele on the track posting a time of 12:37.35.  That is 4:03/MILE pace for a little more than 3 miles!

6 miles on track: 35:03 (10/17)

*known FKT for the 10k is Bekele again, in 26:17.53, on August 26, 2005.

Bandersnatch upper – BTI steps to BTI intersect: 8:03 (9/18)

BTI-Bandersnatch intersect to White Rabbit Lot gate: 5:54 (9/18)

Rd 2060 Yellow Gate to mile 1 marker: 7:16 (10/28)

Rd 2060 mile1 – mile 2: 8:26 (10/13)

Rd 2060 mile 2 – mile 3 (upper marker): 8:10 (10/13)

Rd 2060 mile 3 (upper) to Horn Gap start Gate: 4:00 (10/13)

Rd 2060 Yellow Gate to Horn Gap start Gate: 29:03 (10/13)

Winburn Way Bandshell handicap ramp to 2060 Yellow Gate: 8:46 (10/28)

Descent PR’s

Rd 2060 mile 3 – mile 2: 6:10 (9/29)Rd 2060 mile 2 – mile 1: 5:46 (9/29)

Rd 2060 mile 1 – Yellow Gate: 5:30 (9/29)
Reservoir cement bridge to Ice Rink Crosswalk: 6:07 (10/28)

Local Ashlandia Routes to Time List

Thielsen from West and North T.H.’s
Pilot Rock
Mt Ashland Climb from town
Mt. Scott (Crater Lake Rim)
Grizzly Peak
Peaks Run Summer 2013
Grand Teton
Middle Teton
Teewinot Mt.
Mt. Woodring
Static and Albright Mt.
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. Thielsen
Mt. McLoughlin
Pilot Rock
Mt. Ashland
Mt. Washington (Oregon)

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