Alex’s FUNdation Supports the Ashland High School Yoga and Wellness Center!!

We are incredibly excited to announce that in April of 2015, Alex’s FUNdation donated $3,000 to the Ashland High School Yoga Wellness Center! These funds will allow the program to purchase bolsters, blankets and other equipment needed to expand its offerings.

It’s wonderful to carry on Alex’s legacy of yoga, finding balance in life, taking time for solitude to center our minds and our hearts.

From Libby Edson, Founder and Volunteer Director for the Ashland Schools Yoga Program:

“I wanted to share with you all something that really confirms how important yoga is for kids.

I was talking with one of our volunteer yoga teachers yesterday who was unaware that we had done the workshop for the sixth graders.  When I had said that we would be introducing yoga early in the year at the middle school next year, she said, ‘By the way, I was just talking to parents of a AMS 6th grade student who they were surprised in their son’s behavior this past
weekend.’  The boy, who weekly has great anxiety before his sports games
and has a ‘routine’ of freaking out, was no where to be found before his
game.  They went to look for him and they found him, in his room, in a
seated, meditative posture, with his eyes closed and focusing on his
breath!  They had no idea where he learned until he told them he learned
at school!  When I told my friend that a group of us had just finished the yoga/mindfulness unit with the
6th graders, we both took a moment to recognize how powerful this work
is, how quickly these kids take to it, and how much they need it.  

With deep gratitude,
Libby Edson”

And another note from Beth Nolan, an Organizer, Teacher, and Volunteer for the Program:

“Good morning everyone!
A big thank you to each of you for the donation to the yoga in schools program. I feel fortunate to have witnessed what happens when kids are exposed to yoga in a fun and positive way and how they naturally take to the mindfulness/meditation practice. It’s remarkable. Hopefully you can come practice with the kids at school someday and see for yourself. 

After the last workshop class I taught at the middle school, one of the 6th graders asked me for some advice about Bikram yoga. She said she was going to go to a Bikram class with her aunt. It occurred to me that the classes we teach at the schools are giving kids the confidence to try yoga classes in the community. At the high school level, we already know of several students who plan to register for yoga classes when they get to college. This is so cool because one of the hardest things for most people to do is walk into a yoga class for the very first time. The fear of that first class is what keeps most adults from beginning a yoga practice. By having yoga at school, this barrier is broken down and won’t be a block for them in the future. YEAH!

Thank you and much love,


beth 1 Beth2

We are eternally grateful for those who remember and honor Alex and his passion for yoga as they pour their energy and passion into this program.

With gratitude and love,
Alex’s Family

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