Hello Family and Friends
There will be a Whyte Nynsha Tribute Run on the evening of Friday, August 8th.  As we all know, Alex Newport-Berra (the original Whyte Nynsha) is no longer with us.  The run is a celebration of the Whyte Nynsha in all of us.
The Whyte Nynsha practices a special kind of art.  The “Whyte” is not so much a reference to color (as one might assume), but of the presence of a bright, almost blinding light.  It is the opposite of stealth, and this is precisely the purpose.  The strength is in the Bright Whyte.  The “Nynsha” reminds us that this is not something do be “done” or “completed” once in a while, or whenever one feels like it, but like the Ninja of old, it is way of life.  The Bright Whyte is a conscious practice that over time creates and nurtures an unconscious habit.  A mindset that permeates all things.
It will be dark. Bring a headlamp.
This is a naked trail run.  <–Not a typo…
What:  Celebrating the Whyte Nynsha in all of us. (2.5 – 4 mile run, mostly on gravel roads, not fast)
Who: Anyone is welcome to join!  You don’t have to be a “runner”. And it’s OK if you didn’t know Alex personally..  Come as you are.  The Whyte Nynsha is in us all.
Where:  Lewisburg Saddle
When:  August 8th, 9:30PM.
Why:  Do you really need an excuse to run around naked in the woods?
See Whyte Nynsha’s Strava profile for some serious inspiration…  http://www.strava.com/athletes/118552
** If cars of one person or two could meet at the Crescent Valley High School parking lot at 9:15PM, we can carpool and reduce parking up at the saddle.
Practice your best “lord of the rings ball crawl” or “tig’ol bitties trot” and we’ll see you at the spot!
**Please pass this on to people who might want to join.  I know there are so many more people who may be in town for the memorial this weekend that might want to join and are not on this email.
May the Bright Whyte be with you,
//  Patrick

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