“Alex was an amazing guy.  He was a phenomenal athlete, very driven, a most memorable character, and very kind to me while I was visiting.  Alex was the guy that offered me a bunch of cycling clothes after our first meeting, the guy that slapped me high five as he sprinted off the summit of Mt Ashland as I made the climb up on my bike, the guy that made awesome homemade energy treats with dates and coconut, the guy that brought raw cacao beans to our picnic in the Mt A parking lot, the guy that knew every good cycling route in the Pacific NW, the guy that started following me on Strava and encouraged me to go up every bad ass climb I was in the vicinity of, the guy that commented “Such a rad route!  You are probably one of the few touring cyclists that enjoy these sort of side trips.” after I rode up Hurricane Ridge Rd., the guy that Ryan and I joked with about opening a resort/spa for athletes on our ride down the Mt Ashalnd ski road, the guy that was wearing the shortest possible running shorts every time I saw him, the guy that used the word rad more than any person I have meet.  Alex will be missed.”

Dan Britton

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