Last weekend, a band of the Whyte Nynshas and Sweet Melissas participated in the annual Siskiyou Challenge, a relay race in and around the great city of Ashland, Oregon. Alex was a loyal participant in the SC, and helped contribute to planning and mapping of routes. The race this year was dedicated to Alex, and some of his poetry was read before the race began.

For Team Whyte Nynsha, Patrick Means and Tom Payne cycled, Chad Woodward paddled, and Matt Crawford and Pete Wallstrom ran like madmen to come in FIRST PLACE!photo 1photo 3 photo 4photo 1photo 3

For Team Sweet Melissa, Beth Nolan and Deanna Lloyd cycled, Robyn Janssen paddled, while Amy Twiest and Heather Armstrong ran like hell…ALSO to come in first place in the women’s category.

photo 5 photo 2 photo 2

There was also a youth team, “A Day Spent Outside – Team Mr. NB”, comprised of Ron Lang, Michael Daole, Steve Schein, Bryon Devore, Scott Churchill and Jacob Kann.

Congratulations to everyone, seems like it was a most righteous time!

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