I wanted to let you know that I will be at BOTH of Alex’s Celebrations, and I would be honored to share a short story or memory.  I really miss that guy.  When I close my eyes I can see his face, hear his voice, and feel his presence.  He’s right there.  I usually see him walking towards me with his arms open WIDE.  One thing I loved about Alex was, not necessarily the hug, but the openness of love.  He wanted everyone to feel loved.  It is something that had a deep affect on me, inspiring me to love more openly.
The day I met Alex, I will not ever forget.  The first few times hanging out were very surreal.  It was the Summer of 2009.  I came down to Corvallis to do some training, get into some good old Oregon hot weather (it just doesn’t get hot in Bellingham, I know, sounds strange to complain about.  I think my body likes sweating, and hot weather).  Staying at home with my family, doing bigger rides.  He was in town as well and we met up for a few rides.  Usually when a couple dudes get together and do a shared activity together, it takes time to build a bond and become comfortable with each other, it’s a forced friendship, until it isn’t.   I remember getting home from my first time really hanging out with Alex.  It was so easy.  Like we had done that before.  The bond had already been forged in a past life(?).  It felt like I’d known him for ages, when, in this life, it had really only been a few short hours.  I remember he was curious about my Karate and Qi Gong background and I was equally curious about his Bikram knowledge.  Honestly, since the first time we hung out, it was like I had just found another friend that I’d been friends with my whole life (lives?).
Another, albeit, selfish thing, Alex was really the only person that consistently commented on my blog.  http://patrickmeans.blogspot.com/      I haven’t made a post for years…  His comments just let me know that he was there, paying attention, sharing my/our experience of this crazy/amazing/inspiring/dark/light/huge/small magical world of life we all live together.
It is clear to me that Alex learned much about love and compassion from his family.  I see it, no, feel it, from you, Buzz, and his brother, Adam.  I have no doubt McHale is right there too.  Thank you so much for being his loving parents and family.


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