Pat and Buzz

We got the profoundly sad news this morning. I cannot tell you how sad we are. We do not know how to comfort you; I do not think there is any way to console a parent grieving for his child….  Loosing your child is the most profound tragedy, and deepest sorrow, a person can endure. I do not know how one copes with it, or what your friend and family can do to help. Perhaps nothing significant  no matter how much we may try.
I always referred to Alex as my “yogi-baba” (i.e. the yogi guru) ; he still is and will be. His love for outdoors was clear to me at Samidh and McHale’s wedding when he and Adam asked every body to take their shoes off, feel the new grass in the meadow, look at the green trees around and hold the next persons hand in fellowship. A simple thing! but his love for nature  and friends and family  became clear to me in a minute. It was a revealing insight into Alex’s beautiful and unforgettable inside. Though it is terrible that he had to leave all of us so early, I feel that it is a saving grace that he did so in the midst of the mountainous outdoors he loved so much. As if he would say “my freedom is in these trees, the sky and the clouds; and most of all my freedom is in all your minds”. I think of him through out the day, feel sad; cannot take my mind off his thoughts.
Pat and Buzz – grieve as long as you want, any way you want. Grieving for him will console your heart, and keep his memories happy and alive.  And of course we are here, to help you through this period. Ask, just ask, if we can do anything to lessen your pain.
Love you all
Usha and Sankar

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