A Note from Jane Acker

I thought of you all yesterday and hope the Ashland service brought you comfort, lovely memories, and inspiring stories of your remarkable son. The time together in Corvallis was amazing–so many people touched by Alex in so many ways, making a beautiful mosaic of his time with us. I would not have missed it.

On my way to Denver I ran across a New Yorker article about a poet whose own son died several years ago. He was been attempting to write that story, and this tiny excerpt struck me:

I did not know the work of mourning
Is like carrying a bag of cement
Up a mountain at night.

The mountaintop is not in sight
Because there is no mountaintop
Poor Sisyphus grief

I did not know I would struggle
Through a ragged underbrush
Without an upward path

Look closely and you will see
Almost everyone carrying bags
Of cement on their shoulders

That’s why it takes courage

To get out of bed in the morning
And climb into the day.

You both were so courageous on Saturday, and I am guessing that each day requires that courage of you now. I hope that the presence of so many attempting to help you up the mountain path offers some small measure of consolation, Love to you both, Jane

A Note from Meghna, Keith, and Mrinali

Dearest Pat, Buzz, McHale, and Adam –

Our profound sadness is but a grain of sand compared to the ocean of grief you are feeling right now. Words feel empty and inadequate to express how devastated we feel, and how much our love for all of you burns brightly and grows.
Alex is a beautiful soul. He will remain such in our minds and hearts. We stand by your side with love and support. He is present, forever.
Tell us what we can do for you, and we shall do it. Tell us our silence suffices, and we shall remain quiet but powerfully mindful of all of you. Absolutely anything, at any time. Just tell us.
All that feels right to say now, is that our love and support for you remains eternal, just as Alex’s impact and presence in our lives.
“We should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfill the promise of our friend’s life also, in our own, to the world.”
And we shall endeavor to do exactly that.
With love,
Meghna, Keith, and Mrinali

From Robyn Janssen

Dear chosen Family,
I wanted to share one of Alex’s amazing, poetic word paintings with you all again that he wrote about us and a time in Yachat’s. Beth, Naomi and I read it yesterday as we spent the day mourning, remembering, celebrating and loving Alex. He was a true light in this world and I know we all loved him very much. I love you all and am so glad that he was part of our family.

Bareback, barefoot, and bare-assed, we rode the wild sea serpent of Yachats Town.  We, me, us, you, a chosen family, an octet of great kind:  Beth Ann, siren and captain on front to spot spouting whales and angel flights, Gabe Mark sitting second singing wild with winged seagulls holding their hover in the strong north wind, Robyn Meyer calm, communicating a story of change with the sand-soaked clams, Alex Zander illuminating the misted silohuette of Whyte Nynsha, Pete Howard satisfying the hungry calls with pans wide and saffron threads of gold, Amy Kathleen translated ancient messages of lost Atlantis’ deep, Naomi Folsom fearless flowing on the foam of incoming tides and outgoing clouds, and on the tip of the tail, Sir Chad Knight valiantly scanning the west horizon for manta rays and sunset rays.  We ran the beach like sun-fed angels and dense duff dinosaur trails as human sized raindrops tumbling down our colorful path of laughter, sweat, smiles, and pee-pee.  Bodies became sponges, hearts became sieves, our post hot tub baptisms leaving the rough waves to swallow those things we could not.  Each moment brought changes in light, tide, wind, and sky, calling us to dance with our hearts’ every beat.  The serpent’s sinuous path led us, and on occasion we led him, to the warmth of a fire and the friends who kept it glowing.  Wind, water, sun, sand, and the slow crescendo of each mid-day tide filled our hearts, creatures of the ocean filled our stomachs.  We taught the solitary serpent that each day will bring rain and sun.  If there is love, the sun and the rain will harmonize, a duet, to create a magnificent arc of color and strength.  The serpent along now we ride as a family of nine, barefoot, bare-assed, and bare-faced eyes closed into this rushing wind.  Sliding up, over, and down, like the course of each tide, each wave, we ride the rainbow over the infinite land of color and light. As space travelers and aqua-nauts we have much more to explore, so whatever the weather, together or alone, trust the sea serpent’s first words as we climbed on his back, “We don’t need feet to get where we’re going!”
Thanks to you all for a great time and a nice mini-vacation.  Reckon it’d be wise to do it again sometime in the next couple months.  
Aloha, means hello, goodbye, and I love you.
Enjoy the blustery Aloha Friday!
Alex's Writing Notes to Alex Photos

From Hubert Luger – our family from Switzerland

Dear Pat, Buzz, Mc Hale and Adam
I have heard the sad news of the loss of Alex and I am shocked.
The beautiful time I spent with Alex, the mountain tours we have taken together, the trips on Lake Zurich, the sauna visits in Meilen and much more things I will never forget.  Alex will be always in my thoughts.
I wish you a lot of power to go through this difficult time.
Please accept my deep sympathies.
Notes to Alex

A Message from Paul Normandin

Dearest Buzz, first thank you for including us today. Your family is amazing, so articulate and caring. In my shop I have mementos and photos of things, places and people who mean a lot to me. I did not know Alex but his picture is now magnet ly attached to my heating system. I started to count how many pictures I have of you and Pat and realized I have almost as many as my own family! You guys are my heroes. Now a story about my brother who was a free spirit like Alex. He went to Australia while attending collage. ( students abroad for a term ) When he hit foreign soil he disappeared, hiked to the outback, found a small village of natives, and lived with them for 4 months. He missed all his classes and his return flight home. He got an F for the term. However he kept a daily journal and upon his return he turned it in to his teacher. He (teacher) called my mom and showed her the journal and changed his grade to an A. It just made me think, Alex might have done the same thing. Alex was connected to the earth as was my brother. I think they are both scheming about what mountain to climb, what trails to run, what is the best hiking food and how to cook it, and most important of all how to be a good person, how to respect nature and be a part of it. Thank you for being a part of my life.
PS, other pictures- cousins, uncle, brother and right-a-way in starting a sailing race.unnamed
Notes to Alex Photos